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Your personal experiences

Allow yourself to be updated on the coolest travel and popular experiences as demanded by a large audience. We want to give you inspiration in luxury, travel, adventure, walking in the city, and the best deals around the world. You can even find the best experiences mix the more than 200,000 current deals we can offer through our partners worldwide.

You, as a member, has the opportunity to subscribe to any offer is the best and most appropriate for you, saving you from redundant information and prevent you wasting time sorting information. We work hard to find and provide experiences in the most intuitive way so you can easily find relevant experiences with as few clicks and swipes as possible both on your computer and on your tablet or mobile.

If you want to save favorite quotes or personal discounts and coupons, you can create your own GoingPremium account, so you have all your favorites and personal discounts in one place. Members gets extra discounts for example in selected online web shops.

As a member of GoingPremium you are also eligible for extra 5 % discount by booking one of the 50,000 hotels we have partnership deals with.

We do not spam members with information and our members do not get emails and push notifications other than what has been asked for, and you will therefore not waste time on unnecessary emails.